Conference presentation

On the initiative of the Graphic Expression teachers Association applied to Building (APEGA) the “XIV International Conference on Graphic Expression applied to Building” is presented, APEGA 2019″ and the “EDIGRÁFICA 2019 Exposition” to be held on 21, 22 and 23 February 2019 at the headquarters of the Universidad de Sevilla, C/ San Fernando, nº 4, 41004 – Sevilla.

The association APEGA is constituted as a legal entity and – as defined in its statutes – has the purpose of promoting, guiding, coordinating, and developing in its scientific and technical aspects, the teaching and dissemination of architectural graphic expression. Currently, it has more than 500 associates, mostly professors of the Graphic Expression Area linked to public and private schools of building engineering that teach the degree in Building Engineering in Spain. It also has associates in faculties and engineering schools of similar condition, located in various European countries, in Latin America and Australia.

Its registered office is located in the High Technical Building School of Madrid. Av. Juan de Herrera nº 6, 28040 – MADRID.

The responsibility of the organization lies with the Department of Graphic Expression and Building Engineering, as well as the Department of Graphic Engineering, both of the University of Seville.

This international Congress, of a scientific-technological nature, is presented as an appropriate event for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, new projects and ideas within the field of graphic expression and its new technologies. It is in the organizers mind that this congress reaches a high scientific level and, therefore, has great international impact.

The main topic chosen for this international congress is “From the line to the point cloud”, admitting for its publication original works whose authors practice teaching at the university or are professionals not only of architecture but also of engineering.

Communications will be presented preferably in Spanish language, although also will be admitted in English language as a second option.

Every communications will be reviewed through the double-blind system. Reviewers may propose that the manuscript be accepted, accepted with revisions or rejected.

The abstracts of the accepted papers will be published in a proceedings book, which will be given to each delegate as long as the corresponding fees have been paid. A prestigious publisher is interested in making a digital book with the most relevant works. In this case, the authors will participate as “book chapter authors” for all purposes.

The organization chart of the congress is composed of three committees: honor committee, organizing committee and scientific committee.



C/ San Fernando, nº 4. Sevilla.


Draft abstract submission deadline August 31, 2018
Author notification (abstract)  September 15, 2018
Draft camera ready papers deadline  October 31, 2018
Author notification (papers) November 30, 2018
Corrected camera ready papers deadline December 31, 2018
Registration deadline December 31, 2018
XIV APEGA International Conference February 21, 22 and 23, 2019